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Gerhard Stocker is a Slug hunter and Mercenary that was after the Enigmo Slug in Endangered Species.

Stocker used Slughounds and Slug Traps to catch the Slugs. It is also said that if you see him it is already too late. He is a master at setting traps.


With his two slughounds by his side and a backpack full of energy traps, Stocker is an expert hunter and tracker. He can find anyone or any slug anywhere, as long as the price is right.


He is first seen in "Endangered Species" as the main antagonist, hunting for the last known Enigmo Slug. There he meet the Shane Gang, easily (and accidentally) trapping everyone but Eli due to his large amount of set traps. Eventually he confronts Eli who has Mo and gets trapped in one of his own traps.

He is later seen again in "The Gentleman and the Thief" as one of the bounty hunters at Dr. Blakk's Citadel, being defeated by The Gentleman's Thresher.

In "It Comes by Night", he reappears, looking to get the bounty for catching the High Plains Monster. After a long night with Flame, Frost, Gabe, Marcus, Fav, and the Shane Gang he along with the others fail, leading to the energy being sapped out of everyone but him and Eli. Eventually they lure the beast into town, with everyone in the town equipped with Phosphoro Slugs, to keep the beast pinned until daylight. After defeating the beast he left, possible wanting to not be reminded he did a nice thing for free.





  • He is also known as 'Silent but deadly'.
  • His wrist-mounted blaster is similar to that of Dana Por but with a crossbow attachment.
  • He has two pet Slughounds.
  • In Slugterra: Slug It Out 2, his name is changed into "Bunk Morgan".


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