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Fire & Ice is a powerful Mercenary Slugslingers duo.


The duo consists of Fire and Ice, who both use Slugs that are polar opposites in terms of elements. Fire uses Flaringo and Lavalynx slugs, while Ice uses Frostcrawler slugs. Though, they make a good team.


The duo first appeared in the episode "A Distant Shore" where they joined The Expedition as they were interested in fame and fortune. They and André Geyser later assisted Gar Revelle, who called for help upon being "attacked" by Eli Shane. They followed Gar Revelle to the Shane Hideout and attacked Kord, but was defeated by Trixie. They later left The Expedition when they found out it was a fraud.

They later appeared in "It Comes by Night", assisting in the hunt for the High Plains Monster. Fire was the first to be incapacitated. After that, Ice regrouped with the Shane Gang and Gerhard Stocker, but was later incapacitated as well.



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