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Drucilla is a famous Eastern Technician who befriends Kord in Eastern Tech.


She is a famous Eastern technician with a tragic past. Just like her, her father was once a famous technician but after a fatal encounter with "The Dark Slinger", their factory was never the same again and she would come to hate anyone who allied themselves with Junjie or mentioned Slug Fu. However, after meeting Kord, he's gotten her to think otherwise: Kord persuades her to update his blaster, so that Slugs can be shot and lead in a similar way to what Junjie does with Slug Fu.


Drucilla is a very serious and active worker, so much that a technician who work with her and her uncle too speak about Drucilla as an excessively strict gal, that doesn't allow a pause to anyone and demands a lot by her colleagues; as a confirm of this she is first annoyed by Kord's wit and especially by some mistakes that he makes, but however, is able to listen to people and accept and give suggestions.

As many people, Drucilla despises the Dark Slinger and therefore is first shocked by the idea that Kord wants to help him. However, a sweet side of her is seen at the end of Eastern Tech, in which she has a calm conversation with Kord and kisses him on his cheek (earlier, we can see a possible kiss on their lips twice, interrupted by a battle that is taking place, and later by Junjie).

Her love interest is Kord Zane.



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