Preparing to Double Barrel

Defender Slipstrem XVl preparing to connect Double Barrel

The Double Barrel and the Double Barrel Blaster is a specially made blaster modification made for Eli Shane's Defender Slipstream XVL to perform what's called a Fusion Shot.


It was designed by Kord Zane and modified by Red Hook for Eli. It uses a Vitalis Crystal to be able to do a fusion shot. It's made to connect to Eli's blaster and sling two slugs at the same time and synchronize the slugs' powers.


  • It's connected to Defender Slipstream XVL synchronized with it's center fusion core and uses a vitalis crystal to sling two slugs at the same time to do a fusion shot.
  • To do the fusion shot it uses a vitalis crystal to simultaneously: sling and bind the slugs' energy or aura.
  • There are only two downsides, it takes a while for the crystal to recharge and if used incorrectly can have dire consequences, like burning out normal slug energy.



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