The Dirt Urchin is a green, common Slug with a cream-coloured stomach. It's covered in orange spikes with a prominent spike above the eyes. This Slug uses the spikes on its body to attack. Eli owns a Dirt Urchin named Mucky. Kord also has one, which he used to prank Pronto on one occasion. Their preferred habitats are desert caverns and dry plains. Its power type is spikes and spines slug and its element is plant.

A famous Dirt Urchin is Mucky, who belongs to Eli Shane.

A ghouled Dirt Urchin is called a Dark Urchin.


  • Protoform Abilities - Can stick like a burr, can fire tiny needles.
  • Sandburr - Curls up into a spiky ball and hits opponent.
  • Chortlesnort - Shoots spikes like a porcupine.
  • Kractus - Burrows its way through into the ground, making it hard to hit before slamming into opponent with a spiky explosion.
  • Needlepatch - Explodes in-air, firing multiple rounds of spiny needles.

Fusion Shots


  • ElectroSpear: "Dirt Urchin"+"Tazerling" - Once the slugs start spinning, electrified needles are shot out.


The Dirt Urchin can make a fine Slug for the right Slinger, but their move set is heavily geared towards ranged, wide-area attacks. For the Slinger who likes to get close to their opponent and focus on specific targets, the Dirt Urchin will be hard pressed to find a place in their arsenal.

Sandburr is a solid single-target move, similar to the basic moves of a Hop Rock or Armashelt but without the explosions. Up against a Slinger who likes to deflect incoming Slugs, the lack of explosion can be a benefit, even if it makes the Dirt Urchin less useful outside of combat.

Kractus is something of a defensive move, but is extremely vulnerable to Slugs with burrowing moves of their own, due to the time lag between the Dirt Urchin digging in and when it attacks.

All in all, Dirt Urchins are excellent for situations where a Slinger is up against multiple opponents, but lack of variety in its attacks often makes it a poor choice for one-on-one duels.

Dirt Urchins also seem to come in handy for long range situations or escaping enemies mainly because of their longe range-to-short range move ratio (Fusion Shots included).



  • Dirt Urchins aren't often seen or used in the show itself, but appear numerous times in the Slugisodes.
  • In Slugterra: Slug It Out 2, Dirt Urchin is presented in the Earth Slug Pack despite being a Plant Slug. Though, it could have been classified as that due to its relations with the Earth Elemental.


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