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The Darkbane are a race of demonic beings found in the Deep Caverns under Slugterra, serving as one of the main antagonistic faction of the first season and Return of the Elementals. Their main goal is to conquer SlugTerra in order to reach the surface.


The Darkbane are ghoulish creatures living below Slugterra in the Deep Caverns, with plans to conquer Slugterra and then the surface world! Luckily the gateway between the Deep Caverns and Slugterra is protected by the Guardian Slugs.


Given their skull-like faces, burning red eyes, horns, finlike ears, and fire-based powers, it's possible that these beings are the basis of surface-dwelling humans' legends about demons.


  • Some Banes have been show to throw lava with their hands, while others use staffs.
  • Immunity to Dark Water: They are either immpervious to the affects of dark water or else already effected by it, able to retain their higher minds in a way Slugs don't.
  • Shapeshifting: Banes, or at least El Diablos Nacho, have limited shape-shifting abilities.  They can change looks, but retain telling traits such as shape, greyed skin, red eyes, and pointed ears.


  • Ghoul Slugs
  • Slug Energy: At least insomuch as they can't get through the barrier powered by Guardian Slugs.
  • Frightgeist Slugs: In "Deadweed" Eli successfully hit El Diablos Nacho with a Frightgeist, where he'd previously shaken off the effects of other Slugs, including being frozen by a Frostcrawler.
  • Fire: Able to ward off most attacks from Slugs, Dark Bane can not go through an Infurnus' flame wall.  Very effective against a single Bane, but not a particularly exploitable weakness when dealing with large numbers of them.

Named Darkbane & Their Positions



  • In "Light as Day", Brimstone refer to the Shadow Clan as "cousins", implying that the two species are rather closely related.
  • Dr. Blakk has referred to them as backward and naive, but considering their knowledge of the surface this is obviously false.


  • The word Bane means "something that causes ruin" so their names likely mean "Dark bringers of ruin".
    • It is worth noting however that when bane is put at the end of a word it usually means it brings destruction to that thing, so their names could mean "Destroyers of darkness", this is most likely an accident.