Dark as Night is the thirty-eighth episode of Slugterra.


Dr. Blakk and his Darkbane minions have discovered a way to make their ghouls faster and stronger β€” giving them an edge over the Shane Gang. In order to even the odds, Eli is going to need his most powerful slugs and an upgraded blaster from Redhook. The only problem is, Dr. Blakk already has the slingersmith working for him... Eli and the gang attempt a daring rescue mission to free Redhook, but along the way discover Blakk has a much more sinister plan in the works...


The episode starts with Eli trying to convince some cavern residence to rise up against Blakk while a raid is going on. Their attempt fails though and they discover that Blakk's best ghouls have been Megamorphed. After their plan fails, the gang has to flee. Before that, Burpy transformed into Megamorph against Nacho and launches his firewall and they flee with their Mechas.

This prompts the team to travel to Redhook. At Quiet Lawn Cavern, they discover that Blakk has captured Redhook and forced him to make the accelerators. During an escape attempt, Eli gets "captured" by Twist, Nacho, and several Darkbane brothers and he is brought into Blakk's citadel. After escaping with Burpy's help, Burpy managed to help Eli to steal one of Blakk's Goon's suit. As Burpy senses dark energy and Eli sees Blakk's goons ghouling a lot of Slugs and Burpy led to the place where Blakk is creating the terra portal to the dark caverns. Blakk comes in with Nacho telling that he has captured Eli. Blakk says that he will suffer soon after he fixes this. After all this,he finds Redhook and the two get a quick Slugout inside the Citadel.

However,this does not last long. One of Blakk's goons sees what happened and sling ghouls at them, but they manage to dodge and accidentally see more accelerators. Redhook goes after the goons with his robotic hand and knocks him back. Striking down blasters and Eli managed to fired a Grimmstone and a Frostfang to seal the door. However, Blakk breaks in. Redhook tells Eli to fire Burpy with his blaster and gets them out of the place, but are falling until a Bubbaleone saved them, shot by Trixie reuniting with Trixie, Kord and Pronto they head home.







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