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Dana Por is the daughter of Tom Por, Will Shane's old partner. In her first appearance, she is looking for her dad's share of Will Shane's treasure.


Dana Por is determined to become the best thief in all of Slugterra. Her stealth, agility and arsenal of Arachnet slugs might allow her to do just that.


She first appears in Inheritance when she sneaks into the Shane Gang's hideout looking for Will Shane's treasure. She is found out by their Slugs and the Gang starts to blast Slugs at her.

During the brief fight, Dana manages to dodge or neutralize all of the Shane Gang's attacks. She then says that she is the daughter of Will Shane's former partner, Tom Por. In a flashback of Dana's retelling. Tom Por finds out that Will Shane is working with the Shadow Clan, and a duel occurs between them.

Tom loses against Will Shane and vanishes, his location unknown since. Tom was promised a share of Will Shane's treasure, which Dana hopes to claim for herself. As she makes her escape, she overhears the Gang talking about going into a lava cavern to gain a Forgesmelter Slug in order to open Will Shane's treasure chest.

She captures one Forgesmelter, and scares the others into hiding with a Frostcrawler. She then uses the Forgesmelter to open the chest, which to her and the Gang's shock, was filled with supposedly useless items. She puts on the Shadow Talker which shows her that the Shadow Clan are coming, and also makes her fall unconscious. Kord picks her up and attempt to leave the cavern. Dana wakes up and uses her Arachnet to swing herself away from the Shadow Clan and the Shane Gang.

In the end it is revealed she took a Shadow Clan Tech Sphere called the Shadow Walker that allows her to walk through the shadows just like the Shadow Clan.

She makes her second appearance in The Gentleman and the Thief , stealing many things from different locations. But the prime time was when she successfully managed to steal Dr. Blakk's blaster, the Harbringer Firestorm. Dr. Blakk is enraged by this and sends The Gentleman to hunt her down. At the end of the episode, she gets crystallized by the Gentleman's Geoshard and sinks in the water, but gets saved and de-crystallized by Eli's Slyren's Operattack.

She mostly uses Arachnets to swing around and get places.The only Slugs seen in her blasters are one Tormato, one Lariat, one Frostcrawler, one Speedstinger, and the rest are Arachnet Slugs.




  • The Shane Gang


  • Dana is the second one to have neutral relationships with Trixie. The first being Billy.
  • She is probably based off or is a reference to spider-man, as both charachters are agile fighters who use wrist-like weapons to shoot out webs



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