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DHX Media, formerly Decode Halifax Media, is a Canadian media production, distribution and broadcasting company. Formed in 2006 by the merger of Decode Entertainment and Halifax Film Company, the company is a prominent producer and international distributor of children's television. It is based in Halifax, Canada.


Following numerous acquisitions, DHX have bought and now own various of companies such as Cookie Jar Company and Nerd Corps Entertainment now a division of them.

Nerd Corps Entertainment

As of December 23rd 2014, DHX Media became the owner of Nerd Corps Entertainment and its properties. Nerd Corps was a Canadian animation company that produced shows such as Storm Hawks, Rated A for Awesome, League of Super Evil and Slugterra, a show that is still currently in production.[1][2]

Note: As of October 9th 2015, the Nerd Corps Entertainment website is now inactive and redirects to the DHX Media website.

DHX Television

As of July 31th 2014, DHX Media became the new owner of "Family Channel Business", a combination of Family Channel, Disney XD & Disney Junior (EN/FR) in Canada and formed DHX Television.[3][4][5]

Launch of new channels

Family Channel and Disney XD are and were the official home of Slugterra in Canada, but on April 15th 2015, DHX Media announced that they would be launching new channels, Family Jr. and Family CHRGD.[6][7]

Note: Since DHX Media has decided to part ways with Disney, it is unknown what will happen to Slugterra's relationship with Disney XD worldwide.


Since acquiring Nerd Corps Entertainment, the orginial producer of Slugterra, DHX Media has co-produced Season Three, made two mobile games (Slugterra: Slugslinger Showdown & Slugterra: Guardian Force), and now co-produces Slugterra: Slug It Out! and is now producing a Season Four and any future productions. Since Nerd Corps Entertainment was now branded as DHX Studios Vancouver as of 2016, Slugterra: Slug Fu Showdown which was released in 2015 still retained the Nerd Corps brand but starting Slugterra: Eastern Caverns and slugisodes were replaced with the DHX brand and logo.


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