Crystalyds, better known as "Tunneler Slugs", are extremely rare and powerful Digger Slugs, that can be found burrowed deep beneath SlugTerra's surface and only surface every hundred years, earning them the spot as Ultra Rare Earth slugs.

Crystalyd 100km

A famous Crystalyd is Digger, who belongs to Eli Shane & the Shane Gang.

A ghouled Crystalyd has been seen in the show just not officially named yet.


  • Protoform Abilities - Can drill through soft materials.
  • Tremor Tunnel - Digs an escape tunnel through any type of rock.
  • Terrafirma - Hits the ground and creates a patch of churning rock and sand, dragging down foe.
  • Slabsaw - Digs through a wall, creating a spinning ring of rocks used to attack foe.
  • Vibroquake - Tunnels into ground, creates a sink hole to trap foe.
  • it can create a tunnel for other slugs to travel long distances.


At first glance, the Crystalyd leaves a lot to be desired.  Three of its four attacks are strickly ground based and, since Slugs at velocity are moving through the air, that's a lot of moves to dedicated to targeting an opponent Slinger. However, with a little strategy, the Crystalyd becomes an extremely dangerous Slug to face in combat, especially when carefully paired with other Slugs from a Slinger's arsenal.

The Armashelt is capable of stealing another Slinger's Slug from their bandoleer. However, there is little way to prevent the taken Slug from simply returning to its owner. The Crystalyd provides a solution to that problem.  While Slugs at velocity are largely safe from the Crystalyd, Slugs in protoform are extremely vulnerable to it.  And a Slug that can't reach its Slinger is a Slug who is going to have a very hard time reaching velocity again.  While Slugs can fight in protoform, they are much slower and locked into using only their protoform attacks, making them much easier to predict. Additionally, without the direction of a Slinger Slugs are often not as strategically minded, making them easier to deal with. So the Crystalyd is more of a supportive slug than an offensive slug when in battle.

As an added bonues, the one arial move the Crystalyd does have is a multi-target attack that can double as a defensive move, dealing damage to anything that gets too close to the Crystalyd.



  • Crystalyd slugs are experts in digging.
  • The Crystalyd has been used by Pronto even though Eli owns it.
  • In A Distant Shore, a Crystalyd is shown sleeping when Eli silently goes out of the hideout.
  • In Snowdance the Crystalyd that Pronto shot at Sedo returned to Eli.
  • Eli has a Crystalyd named Digger.
  • Eli finally used it when he escaped the Game Master's lair before it self destructed.
  • During the episode "The Trade" you can see Eli next to a cage carrying an Crystalyd.
  • Crystalyd's were called Tunnelers in the Slug Run.


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