Crystal Worms are a species dangerous giant crystal covered worm-like creatures that reside in crystal regions of SlugTerra and can normally be found in a dormant state arched into the ground.


Crystal Worms possess three pairs of mandibles, which serve a different purposes. They can be flared out, catching the red light of their eyes, to make the Worm appear bigger and more threatening in a show of aggression. The mandibles can also be folded closed to form a guard over their mouth; an effective method of warding off Slugs seeking to use their mouth as a weak point. When tunneling, the mandible folds closed to create a wedge shape, making it easier for the Worm to move through rock and ice.


While dormant, they are harmless and generally unobtrusive. However, any contact with them will awaken the Worm. Dormant Worms are a solid blue colour, while awakened Worms gain bands of red colour along their bodies. In general, they are highly aggressive and will chase down anyone in their territory. In The Slug Run Pronto briefly tames one and used it as a mount.


These creatures are highly adept diggers, able to move through ice and rock as though they were water.  By 'swimming' through their cavern territories, they are able to move deceptively fast for a creature of their bulk. For an even larger boost of speed, Crystal Worms are capable of rolling themselves into a corkscrew, allowing them to both take advantage of their weight as momentum to roll themselves forward while also being able to see where they're headed and direct themselves.

Despite their size and speed, Crystal Worms are not all that hard to deal with; a single punch from a Rammstone will knock them off balance.



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