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Club Slug is the fifth episode of Slugterra Season 1.


The gang signs up for a weekend camp that promises to teach your slugs tons of new moves—without lifting a finger! Eli thinks it sounds too good to be true... and it is. But exposing the truth draws the ire of the camp's director—and half the campers!


After Pronto sees a commercial about Club Slug, a club promising to teach Slugs new and more powerful moves without the Slinger having to move a finger, he spends half of the gang's gold to stay a weekend, and persuades them to come. Kord readily agrees, since he is tired of being beaten by Eli in duels, while Trixie sees this as an opportunity to make a documentary about the place. Eli comes too, though he doesn't want nor need to train his Slugs; he just wants to try the water slide.

When the gang arrives at Club Slug, they meet three other guests, Waylon, an enthusiastic Slinger, a snobbish rich boy, and an aggressive girl seeking to get her Slugs trained so she can crush her brother in their duels. Sergent Slug arrives and tells the guests to sit back and relax while he trains their Slugs. As a demonstration, Pronto volunteers one of his Slugs. Once a Slug is loaded into a special machine, it's slung to velocity, transformed, and enters another machine which slings it back to the original one, where the process is repeated. Everyone hands over their Slugs to be trained except Eli, who is still skeptical. Unlike Eli, his Slugs are excited to try it and disappointed when Eli declines.

After relaxing for a while, Sergeant Slug returns and asks if the guests would like to see the results of the training. They agree and Kord and Eli duel, Kord using his Rammstone and Eli using Banger. Kord's Rammstone is so powerful that it easily defeats Banger and knocks Eli to the ground. Trixie and Pronto are shocked and Kord is surprised, considering he had dueled with Eli and Banger using his Rammstone before and lost. Sergeant Slug walks over to Kord and asks Eli if he is still skeptical about the training. The screen changes to Kord's Rammstone, which looks tired and angry, with red eyes.

Kord runs over to Eli and helps him up. Eli is surprised Kord beat him, while Kord is ecstatic. The gang all say it was impressive. Eli gives Sergeant Slug Banger to put in the machine. Kord walks back to Eli and asks if he is okay. Eli replies that he is but it's hard for him to wrap his head around a machine making Slugs so much stronger. Banger excitedly enters the machine as Eli and the others go back to the resort.

The next morning, Eli gets Banger back. The little Slug screeches and has a crazy look on his eyes. Eli is surprised at how strange Banger looks. As the group walk to the buffet, Banger leaps out of Eli's hand and jumps back over to the machine. Eli walks back and tells Banger he's had enough of the machine. When Eli reaches his hand down to pick him up, Banger shrieks and snaps at Eli's hand, surprising him once again. When he pulls back in shock, Banger looks up at him with sad eyes and whimpers.

Later at the buffet, Eli tells the gang what happened and tells them the machine makes the Slugs crazy and that Sergeant Slug is hiding something. The other guests all think Eli is wrong and say that the machine is good for the Slugs. The group say that Eli is overreacting and to just wait until they finishes the camp in a few hours. Eli gets up and walks out of the room, saying he is going to find out what Sergeant Slug is up to. He fires Banger at some rocks, which explode when Banger hits them, knocking the little Slug to the ground and surprising Eli at its power. Banger can't manage to get into the capsule for firing and Eli realizes Banger is exhausted and wonders what's going on. A person behind him says that's it's all a scam. It turns out to be the person from the commercial Pronto saw. The man says the machine makes the Slugs crazy. When Eli asks how, the man says the machine gets your Slugs pumped up, but they collapse after a few shots and you have to pay for another round. Sergeant Slug calls it 'maintenance', and the Sergeant's Slugs look fine, but they're always charging up. Eli says that's just what he needed to hear.

The Sergeant is now handing the Slugs back to the guests when Eli confronts him about ripping the customers off. He tells the people what he heard and that they will have to keep coming back to Club Slug to keep their Slugs strong. The other guests reply that they like going there and why should Eli care. He replies saying he cares when it hurts the Slugs and that someone will eventually get hurt because of this and that isn't good. The Sergeant says that Eli may be a Shane, but he's bad for business and has the other guests attack Eli with their Slugs. The gang runs over to Eli and say they got his back, to which Eli replies saying its not his back he's worried about, and glances at his friends Slugs, all of which are tired from the machine, all except his own.

Eli tries one last time to convince the other 3 guests not to fire their Slugs but they decline and the duel begins. Sergeant Slug fires Butch, his Thresher, and Eli fires Burpy, his Infurnus. The 2 Slugs collide and Butch knocks Burpy into the air and narrowly misses Eli, eventually colliding with multiple stone columns and breaking then in two, one of which almost falls onto Pronto but he is saved at the last second by Kord. One of the guests, Waylon, fires his Rammstone at Kord, who fires his Rammstone. Kord's wins as another guest exclaims that she loves how crazy the Slugs are and fires a slug at Trixie, who fires back, causing an electrical storm which fries the other girl. The resort begins to fall down around the people and Eli tells Kord to keep the others safe and to wait until the Slugs lose power. Kord replies that a few minute could be a long time, just as Trixie saves the other girl guest from the lightning her Slug created. Kord takes 2 of the gusta and runs for safety while Sergeant Slug and Eli face off once more, the Sergeant using Butch and Eli using Chiller, his Frostcrawler. Chiller freezes Butch, who runs into a stone pillar behind Eli. As Trixie tells Eli to do better with his catchphrases, Sergeany Slug fires another slug that hits Eli, knocking him down. The Sergeant says he has a whole army of amped-up Slugs and asks what Eli has. Eli replies saying he has friends he has fought with and friends he can count on. He loads Burpy into his Slugslinger and fires at Sergeant Slug, who fires Butch again, but Butch is reaching his limit and easily defeated. Eli tells the Sergeant his Slugs are running out of steam. The Sergeant replies saying he has just the solution to fix that and runs away. Eli starts chasing after him but stops when the Sergeant turns his machine on Eli and begins firing at him, Slug after Slug, exclaiming that 'You're gonna shut me down? I don't think so!' Eli leaps behind a rock for cover and asks Banger is he's up for what he's about to do. Banger nods and Eli loads him into the sooner and fires him at the machine. Banger dodges the other Slugs and slams into the machine, causing it to break and fall apart. The Segeant yells no but it's too late. The machine explodes and Banger falls out of the sky, landing in Eli's hand, who says that Banger did great.

Outside of the wreckage of the camp, Trixie says that while the Slugs didn't exactly power up, and that they all almost got killed, at least no one else will get scammed. The other guests grudgingly admit Eli was right all along. Meanwhile, Pronto finds the groups money and says that he has found another 'opportunity' for the group to try. The episode ends with the group saying Pronto will never learn.




Created By:
Asaph Fipke

Series Director:
Johnny Darrell

Clint Butler

Dennis Crawford
Jae Harm
Kenny Park

Written By:
Ken Pontac

Story Editor:
Rob Hoegee


  • Banger plays a more important role in this episode.


  • In the first scene Butch's eyes are white instead of yellow.
  • In some scenes Desdemona is too bright.
  • In one scene Eli's arm is traspasable.
  • When the Shane gang are receiving their "new slugs", in the next scene they don't have slugs.
  • Sergeant Slug's Speedstinger explodes like a Hop Rock.



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