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Caverna Mall Cavern is a mall cavern in The 99 Caverns and was named after the mall, "Caverna Mall".


The cavern first appeared in Dawn of the Slug. The Shane Gang went there for some down time, but Mr. Saturday turned everyone into zombies except Millard Milford, a security slinger, who the Shane Gang teamed up with to stop Mr. Saturday.

In The Journey Home, the slugs went to Caverna Mall Cavern to hide from Locke and Lode.

In Ghoul From Beyond, Scrap Force took over Caverna Mall Cavern but was taken over by the security slingers when Eli defeated Boss Ember and has him sent to the mall jail.

Stores and Shops

  • Arcade (Mentioned only)
  • Hardware store
  • Food Court (Mentioned only)
    • Pizza Store (Mentioned only)
    • Falafel Store (Mentioned only)
  • Taco Stand (Mentioned only) (Possibly apart of Food Court)

Security Slingers