This category is a list of different types of Healer Slugs found in the world of SlugTerra.

Healer Slugs (or "Healers") are slugs that possess healing properties (to some degree) and are seen as one of the rarest types of slugs around.

Known Healers


So far there are 3 known types of healers:

  1. Boon Docs: extremely rare and powerful healers, they can heal slugs and people, and even cure Ghoul Slugs.
    1. White Boon Docs: a subspecies of Boon Doc, they're slightly rarer and more powerful than their common counterpart. They might also possess more than just healing abilities.
  2. The Energy Elemental: well-known as "Doc", his anicent Energy Elemental ties makes him the most rare and most powerful healer slug around.

Ghouled Forms

As normal slugs Healers are helpful defensive slugs who can't do much in a fight unless faced with Ghoul Slugs but in when ghouled Healers become "Poison Ghouls", dangerous offensive ghouls that have attacks that are opposite to a Healer's healing abilities.


  1. Goon Docs: extremely rare and powerful poison ghouls; they can "heal" creatures fueled by Dark Energy but are poisonous to creatures powered by Light Energy.


  • Healers are consider the rarest slugs around.
  • Healers belong to the Light element class.
  • It's possible there may still be more healers that are yet to be revealed, as Trixie indirectly points out in episode four, "The Slugout", that not all healers possess the ability to cure ghouls. And currently all 3 known healers can.
  • The ghouled form of Healer Slugs are known as "Poison Ghouls". And they might possibly be the only slugs/ghouls that possess abilities opposite to one another.

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