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Types of Boon Docs
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Boon Docs are extremely rare and powerful healer slugs known for their ability to restore a person's health and most importantly, heal ghoul slugs.

A famous Boon Doc is/was The Goon, who belongs to The Emperor.

A ghouled Boon Doc is called a Goon Doc.


  • Protoform Abilities - Minor healing powers, like a warm compress, topical ointment or localized antidote.
  • Medici - Shoots a healing ball of light that is absorbed by the slug or person it is shot at. Cures internal ailments.
    Doc art.png
  • SkinSplint - Spins a protective cocoon of light around an injured or broken area to heal it.
  • Healswarm - Emits a powerful light glow that can heal a ghouled Slug.
  • Lightshield - Small sparks form a protective wall or bubble like a force field to protect against toxins.
  • Slugmage - Casts a protective shell of light over a slinger's slug arsenal to prevent ghouling.
  • Healadin - Swarm of sparks form a suit of protective light armor. The slinger becomes impervious to ghouls.

Fusion Shot

Possible Combinations

  • Healotoxis: "Boon Doc"+"Flatulorhinkus" - TBD. It hasn't officially debuted in the series yet.
  • Shadowray: "Boon Doc"+"Negashade" - Creates a sonic beam fused with the "Light" & "Shadow" representing "Yin & Yang". It injured Twist so badly, he was unable to walk.



This Slug is exactly what its name says it is: a boon.  In normal duels, this Slug is of little use, since its move set is so heavily geared towards dealing with Ghouls and wounds. However, in the approximately five years that Dr. Blakk kept SlugTerra in fear of his Ghouls, there were few better Slugs a Slinger could have in their arsenal.

Outside of deflecting and curing Ghouls, Boon Docs are also highly effective against Neotox Slugs, able to neutralize the worst of their attacks by using Lightshield on their Slinger and fellow Slugs.

The Boon Doc makes an excellent partner Slug for those in the medical field, as well as those who spend a lot of time working with young children.


  • Since Billy of The Hooligang did not know what Doc was at first, it can be assumed that only people who are particularly knowledgeable about Slug species know what Boon Docs are.
    • The fact that Boon Docs are so rare can explain this, it could mean that they're not common enough to be common knowledge.
  • Some of the Boon Doc's concept art designs are now the current designs of the Lariat and Phosphoro.
  • Boon Doc is one of the few slugs to have legs when they transform like the Elementals and Hoverbugs.
  • A Boon Doc slug can get overworked when there's too much Dark Water for them to neutralize at once - due to the high concentration of Dark Energy.


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