• NASCARfan19

    1. The Beast Forge Shock'n'Rollers

    2. The Deadweed Miners

    3. The Blade City Brutes

    4. The Herringbone Fireballs

    5. The Lumino Lazers

    6. The Low Rock Cavern Rams

    7. The Bullseye Cavern 99ers

    8. The Logan Slughounds

    9. The Quisingly Cavern Commanders

    10. The Undertow Cavern Swashbucklers

    11. The Quiet Lawn Nukes

    12. The Chillbore Ice Devils

    13. The Rocklock Ragers

    14. The Scorched Sparks Flaringos

    15. The Nightmare Ridge Grim Reapers

    16. The High Plains Demons

    17. The Wind-Farm Cavern Air Warriors

    18. The Molemound Royals

    19. The Futuria Mechs

    20. The South Cavern Shameless

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  • XFaves

    What's next?

    December 2, 2018 by XFaves

    Hi, just wanted to ask, if anybody have contacted or just know more than me about season 5.

    Last episode was in 2016, so i am very curious if it's going to be continued, or it's just the end. I returned to watching Slugterra a week ago, watched almost every episode, and i just want some more informations about my favourite show. Is it dead, or they're just working on it?

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  • Splashy123

    That's a question: How old are slugs when they finally leave behind being tiny little sluglings? I know slugs can live for thousands of years, and maybe tens of thousands (looking at the Elemental). So how old are they when they reach becoming an adult? My thought is at around 100-500 years (looking at their total lifespan) but that still seems like a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. Like seriously, you could start raising a slugling when you're 5 and it could still be a slugling when you're a grandparent! Yes, I know, this will probably not get answered considering that Slugterra ended and everybody left around 2 years ago. So please don't reply "Blah Blah Blah Slugterra's Dead Blah Blah pointless blog Blah Blah"

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  • Impavid6

    Is Slugterra Canceled?

    April 15, 2018 by Impavid6

    I recently started watching Slugterra episodes that I had recorded in 2016 and I loved them even more than I had when I was younger. I finished the episode with Eli defeating Tad and I was excited for what was going to happen next. I checked online for when the new episodes would come out only to find out that Slugterra was canceled. I didn’t believe my eyes so I kept checking other websites and some said that it was canceled but some said it was not. I am really worried that Slugterra is over because it is my favourite television series. If anyone knows if Slugterra really is canceled please tell me. I really want to find out what happened to Eli’s dad but sadly Slugterra could be over.

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  • Jirachihunter

    You may know, in a few episodes, somebody shooted "some" Slugs/Ghouls. The page for Locke and Lode says (in the Slug-List) "Some Ghouls in The Trade". So should we make a page about this "some" Slugs/Ghouls?

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  • Jirachihunter

    No Name

    March 4, 2018 by Jirachihunter

    There are a few "important" but nameless Slugs and I list them here:

    King's Phosphoro: This is probably the most important Slug that the King of Sling owns but it hasn't a name so I must say "it" and not "he" or "she"

    Ricochet: He's important for one full epsisode but has only an unofficial name.

    Why the picture don't load... (The Geoshard window) Some of Eli's Slugs: Eli's Geoshard is like his Flaringo, his first Gazzer, his Tormato, his Xmitter and his 2. and 3. Enigmo.

    Eli's Rammstone: This is probably the second most important no-name Slug for now.

    Water, Earth, Air and Fire Elemental: For example: Water Elemental/famous Slug: Water Elemental It's a little bit like the "Pieper" Slug, I think nobody would name a Slug after it's species (An…

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  • Jirachihunter

    Error Names

    February 8, 2018 by Jirachihunter

    This is a Negashade, right? I think, a lot of you said NO, THAT'S AN INKDEVIL! Why do so many people call this Slug and a few other slugs by the wrong name?

    This is a Dirt Urchin, you know the Spike-Slug. Wait, a lot of the names of the pictures here (possibly the reason why the picture in this post is on the first page of the immage listing from the tag "Dirt") have got the word "Needlow" why?

    All of you know the Dustpuff, right? Wait, Dustpuff? This slug's name is SAND ANGLER!

    Is this a Sonikin, a Ping or just a White Boon Doc? Ping is a famous White Boon Doc, Sonikin is a user in this Wiki and Sonican is a mispelling i think of the word/name "Sonikin"


    Is this the Boon Death? No, it's the Goon Doc.

    The picture's name is Vinedrone, but i…

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  • Baconator2002

    Eli’s ethnicity

    January 28, 2018 by Baconator2002

    For a long time I’ve been thinking! what’s Eli’s ethnicity/race? He looks Mexican or Latino or a really tan American 💀. Someone please answer this I’m desperate and I made a bet with a friend that he’s Latino so I hope he is or something related to it 😅👍 thanks

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  • Martinyus

    What slug is this?

    December 30, 2017 by Martinyus

    So when I was searching what a Sonikin slug is, a pic of a frostcrawler with a Grimmstone board with darts on it and 2 posters one of a frostcrawler and this slug.

    Does anyone recognise this slug?

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  • Fankemonbricka162128

    Honeydew Slugs are rare plant elemental slug that lives in the Jungle Caverns and Honeydew Cavern. (P.S Honeydew cavern is not real i still havn't think of doing a Western Caverns yet)   

    A ghouled Honeydew slug is called Rottendew 


    Honey shot : Creates a ball of honey and shoots it at the enemy  

    Honey Blast: Blast a pulse of honey at the enemy's feet which they can't move until hit by another slug

    Honey sting: Shoots hard like honey shaped as a bee's sting and hurts the opponent

    Honey meteor: Shoots a ball of honey and comes down like meteors on the opponent

    Honey bombs : Shoots honey and it explodes after it hits something

    Fusion shots :

    Tormato+Honeydew = Raining dews and comb - The tornado sucks up the air and makes it rain Honeydews …

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  • TheStarsofWarriorCats


    September 28, 2017 by TheStarsofWarriorCats

    The protoform has pale mint green spikes, small, dirty neon green fangs, a dirty yellow color scheme, a black hood, black eyes with red irises.

    The velocity is dark grey with black highlights, and a lighter grey hood. It has four arms and pale mint green spikes.

    Name: Geosharp

    Preferred Habitat (s): The Crystal Cavern

    Power Type: Dark Crystallizer Slug

    Element: Earth

    Rarity: Rare

    • Protoform Abilities- Can briefly and safely crystallize itself in protoform, making it rock hard and impervious to harm.
    • Crystalethal- Crystallizes the opponent's outer body, heart and brain, killing them instantly.
    • Dominator- Creates a impervious crystal dome around slinger. Shields slinger completely. Broken only by another a Geosharp.
    • Dartallizer- Shoots out crystal dart…

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  • TheStarsofWarriorCats


    September 27, 2017 by TheStarsofWarriorCats

    The protoform is black with a grey belly and stripes. It has pale, mint green horns instead of antennae on its head and black eyes with red irises. It has gigantic pale mint green fangs. The velocity has large fangs, black with grey stripes and pale mint green horns.

    Name: Hacksmitter

    Preferred Habitats: Cities, junkyards

    Power Type: Dark Hacker Slug

    Element: Dark Shadow

    Rarity: Uncommon

    Scrambler- Scrambles all electrical energy in a small area, shorting everything out. Similar to an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) blast.

    Hackpulse- Creates such a powerful magnetic pulse that it knocks blasters out of opponent's hands and knocks them back.

    Jamfang- Latches onto a electrical appliance and jams it, releasing pulse waves that hurt opponents' ears and k…

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  • TheStarsofWarriorCats

    I love Infurnus and if I was in slugterra, I would have one. Here's the details:

    Name: Blookie

    Gender: Male

    Species: Megamorph Infurnus

    Moves: Every move an Infurnus can learn

    Best Slug Buddy: Tazer, Phoby, Fridge

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  • Subnauticatracer

    A random Fanfic

    September 12, 2017 by Subnauticatracer

    I've been doing some snooping lately, and I noticed fanfictions popping up here and there. Thought I would do one myself

    Wrecking ball (Simere Mako's Hop Rock) was hiding out behind Blaster, a Blastipede, when the call to action screamed: SLUG SLINGING TOURNAMENT!!! Screamed Loudspeaker, a Slyren slug that was taught how to english.

    The rest of Mako's slugs: Flare, Missile, Ghost, Raiton, Explosimmer, and Mako's megamorphed Thresher: ChainSaw, Lined up. EMP was still sleeping in a sock, but was whipped into line too.

    Simere Mako was the protector of the Northern Caverns, a cavern network that's as cold as the vet's office. There, It's impossible to find aquabeeks, But Frostcrawlers are more common here.


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  • Goodriolisk


    August 10, 2017 by Goodriolisk

    This is one of the most valued slugs in Goodriolisk's arsenal. A hot-tempered but loyal companion, Goodriolisk can always count on this slug to win a duel.

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  • BlackJackPack

    So hi there, I'm BlackJackPack but you could call me Paul for short and I'm here to answer some of the questions people have been asking about Season Four and more. I've been meaning to do this for a while but I thought I'd wait till the season officially finished airing here in Canada and since it has now, here I am. But before I start, here's a bit of a recap on the series:

    Season One (39 episodes long) and Season Two (a trilogy, 7 episodes long) were produced by Nerd Corps Entertainment, but when Season Three (13 episodes long) came along it was commissioned by Nerd Corps but produced by DHX Media, after DHX bought Nerd Corps. And now there's Season Four (4 episodes long) which was commissioned & produced by DHX, which is why you might n…

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  • Annabeth4136

    This annoys me a lot

    November 9, 2016 by Annabeth4136

    Ok this annoys me so much but it's when people think that Eli is a dork AND HES NOT!!!! I'm not even sure why this annoys me so much but it dose. If anyone else has this problem or is it just me?

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  • Trixie's Camera

    Okay so this is a really big deal and needs to be noticed by ALL Slugterra viewers.


    It is illegal unless the official Slugterra YouTube channel ( has uploaded them. The show is copyrighted. If another YouTube channel uploads them that isn't the one linked above, report it or ignore it. By uploading episodes they are taking money away from the show so avoid clicking on one of these videos. If you happen to, dislike the video, comment and ask them to remove the episode (nicely, they are still people) then leave the video as soon as possible (don't linger on it). On YouTube people get paid by the view and not the like or subscriber. People feel there is no need…

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  • Goodriolisk

    About Megamorphs

    September 18, 2016 by Goodriolisk

    In my opinon, when a slug gets a megamorph, they should have official pictures made of them, not just from the movie or tv show! Pictures that you you first see when you go to the slugs webpage. Like with the Lariat & Fandango slug. You can barely see the Lariats megamorph! Thank you to those who took the time read this blog.

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  • Wenjing17

    The Imperial Palace

    August 19, 2016 by Wenjing17

    I have a question, does the Imperial Palace exist before the Emperor returned to conquer the Eastern Caverns 20 years ago?

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  • Wenjing17

    Wrong History

    August 19, 2016 by Wenjing17

    When you see the people in The Eastern Caverns, you will see that there are some women wearing a tight red dress that's called cheongsam, which is a Chinese traditional clothes. However, the truth is, Cheongsam was actually originated from the Manchu, who are not Chinese. 400 years ago, the Manchu people, conquered China and their cultures blended in with the Chinese culture. They introduced some clothes, including the cheongsam, which eventually blended in the Chinese culture.

    Let's assume that nobody ever found the opening behind the waterfall and arrived at the Eastern Caverns, there will be no cheongsam, just outfits similar to kimonos, like in the past 2000 years ago in China.

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  • Wenjing17

    Thinking about The Eastern Caverns, since it is beneath Asia, I tend to expect that there will be hundreds of caverns, perhaps splitting them into 5 regions: North (Russia), East (China, Japan, Korea), South (India), West (Arab), and Southeast (Southeast Asia). However, Season Three ends with only 13 episodes, and there are like about only 10 caverns shown. The main cavern is Peach Blossom Spring Cavern, which is the capital. Others are shown like only once or twice.

    It is a shame that the creators did not focus so much on the Eastern Caverns, where they could show plenty of caverns, and a wide diversity of the residents too.

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  • Deathstriker 99999


    June 27, 2016 by Deathstriker 99999

    Hi guys this blog is for pages of ghouls who don't have attacks we will vote in the comment section this will go on for two weeks

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  • General Hux Of The First Order

    I am glad that Junjie and the Shane gang were able to revive Master Lian.

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  • 759063

    I don't know what it was that Eli said at the end of 'Return of the Eastern Chamption' episode of Season 3, but I looked at the ending scene picture and it said at the bottom that Eli said "Let's go home!"

    I'm just bringing this up because no one knows how long the Shane gang have been gone from the 99 caverns.  When Eli put the King of Sling in charge with the Shadow Clan to act as back up in case something had happened while Eli and the Shane gang were in the Eastern Caverns for the entire 3rd season of SlugTerra, we didn't know just what was going to happen with Eli gone, but with King in charge, it was probably going to be bad considering King wasn't very good in duels.  I am serious!  Even WITH the Shadow Clan on his side, there's no de…

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  • BramD


    February 24, 2016 by BramD
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  • Flitter2


    February 21, 2016 by Flitter2

    Like Maurice, I will be doing a fanfiction page to let out my creative juice.

    Sophiana is a pre teen Slugslinger who has the ability to teleport into different worlds. She is originally from the Central Caverns, making her the protector and is currently residing in the 99 Caverns near the Guardian Portal with her slugs, Flitter and Double Eye, Her Pokémon (not many people will know Pokémon) Lucario, Greninja and Lopunny and her friends Trini, Sally and Maulgie the Shadow Clan Guardian. Her job is to secure the guardian gate and heal the Guardian Slugs when they are tired. But that doesn't stop her from exploring the 99 Caverns. Like I said, she can teleport. She is a Master of Slug Fu and Aura. Her rival is Mei who is also trying to be a Ma…

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  • Maurice.136


    February 21, 2016 by Maurice.136

    This is my fanfiction space though I don't regularly do slugterra fanfiction I might as well do it though I got some pretty good ideas for the series.

    Kinker was The Eastern Caverns former Champion who preceded Junjie, and was one of the greatest slugslingers and Slug Fu Masters that ever lived. He was Junjie's Cousin and he lived in Peach Blossom Spring Cavern but he would often reside in Serenity Cavern which when he was a child he loved having fun in. He wielded a Infurnus slug known as Joo-Joo which he named after Junjie who like Will Shane past down to Eli, He past it down to Junjie.

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  • Agent Kallus Of The Imperial Security Bureau

    Frostcrawlers are the best slug in Slugterra.

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  • Flitter2

    Christmas Chaos

    December 22, 2015 by Flitter2

    If you read how to train your freling, there were two slugs listed called Bridges and Chomper. Even though they live in the exact same room, they hate each other. Every time they paired up in sword practice, they would try to hurt each other really badly. It was like they had a grudge. The problem was once, before they became students of Bubble, the two were trying to find berries. They hit into each other and fell 30m to the ground. They were both really injured. After that, Bubble found them and turned them into his frelings. But they still had that grudge, which they never let go of.

    So when all 16 frelings were called to the great hall for a great announcement, The two raced each other, shoving into other slugs. Once all 16 slugs were s…

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  • Flitter2

    About me

    December 18, 2015 by Flitter2

    Hi. So most people on the wiki know me but for others that don't know, I'll tell you about myself

    I have loved Slugterra ever since I accidently watched the Unbeatable Master on ABC3. Ever since, can't stop watching it. I know every slug name and nearly ever villan.

    I live in Australia where the hot really gets you!

    I enjoy reading and pretending to have Slugs in real life.

    I also like Pokémon, Star Wars and Spirit Animals.

    I can be a bit over the top if I have eaten aero chocolate.

    I like doing things on the computer to get my coding skills up.

    PS: It does not snow where I live. Queensland is way to hot!

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  • FWAEXGod


    December 18, 2015 by FWAEXGod


    Hi,I love slugterra,so I am here to help this wiki

    Slugs 1)Doc Features:Elemental slug,Guardian slug Strongest Slug in Slugterra Species:Boon Doc,Extremely Rare

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  • Slug Fu Master

    Favourite Slugs

    December 16, 2015 by Slug Fu Master

    1. Frostcrawler

    2. Infurnus

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  • Maurice.136

    SlugTerra Caverns

    December 15, 2015 by Maurice.136

    I wonder how many new caverns the Shane Gang will explore in the Eastern Caverns.

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  • The Grand Inquisitor

    1. Infurnus


    3.Boon Doc

    4. White Boon Doc

    5. Enigmo


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  • Flitter2

    How to train your freling

    December 4, 2015 by Flitter2

    In my pack I have 16 frelings:

    • Chomper the Rammstone 
    • Sir Bouncer the Speedstinger
    • Flash the Tazerling
    • Mellow the Flatourhinkus
    • Sculpture the Arachnet
    • Bridges the Vinedrill
    • Swirl the tormato
    • General the Armashelt
    • Tripwire the Polero
    • Soap the Bubbleaeone
    • Gobber the Lariat
    • Iceburg the Frostcrawler
    • Fireclock the Infurnus
    • Waves the Aquabeek
    • Armoury the Slicksilver
    • Bruiser the Grenuker and
    • Boost-Juice the Fandango who is new.

    While Fitter and Double Eye were having a bubble stream race, Furnace was watching a battle between Waves and Boost-Juice. Boost-Juice was attacking grandly but Waves turned victorious. Boost-Juice then went into a rage and attacked Waves. They landed on a catapult whilst flitter and double Eye crashed out of the pack. Soon all four slugs w…

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  • Blakk VS Shane
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  • Maurice.136

    This Blog is to demote the founder on Slugterra wiki and has not edited since 2012 who is inactive and users please comment to either support, oppose and neutral comment and in 2 weeks If It is a majority of yes and we send this to staff to have crat rights removed from the founder.

    Well it has been 2 weeks, The Demotion Blog is closed and it will be send to Staff

    Thank you for your votes,


    The Staff have demoted Quolmer User:Maurice.136 22:06, November 17, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Flitter2

    one mistake after another

    October 19, 2015 by Flitter2

    Flitter and Double Eye love bubble streams and pools so they cmae up with a crazy idea to see who could get closer to the edge before they velocimorph. unfortunately there was three slugs, Bomby, Thumpy and Smelty playing a game of marco polo where they were going to be fired. So when they velocimorphed, they crashed into bomby, thumpy and Smelty, Shot out of the pack and revealed the place of Sophiana and her friends. But unknowingly the two slugs had fusionated into a new fusion shot called helping wing.As they came towards Sophiana, Sally threw them a fusion staff and a bingo (Slug Version of a gattler) and 20 to 1 the two defeated them. They were heroes, until Rexel the water elemental came up and told Sophiana what really happened. So…

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  • FrostCrawlerFTW

    So yesterday I was playing with my slugs. Than I went to get water, so I was playing with my slugs and drinking water.

    And than I dropped my frostcrawler into the water. And when I got the slug out of the water,  it was colder then when I dropped it!

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  • StormWolfy

    Fandom Wiki

    October 11, 2015 by StormWolfy

    Hello! This post is basically advertising another Wiki but I have a good reason to. A long time ago, somebody made Slugterra Fan Creations Wiki, sadly the person seems to have left the Wiki as nobody else was on it. I found this Wiki and I have uploaded some of my own creations but one person can't post everything on a Wiki. So if anyone here has their own ideas for slugs, slingers, blasters, mechas or anything else related to Slugterra, I am suggesting/begging you to take a look at this Wiki, please. 

    Slugterra Fan Creations Wiki please go and cheak it out. 

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  • Lizziending73

    Southern Slinger is a fan fiction,about a 14-year-old stumbling across the 99 Caverns. When faced with the decisions of her grandmother and the team, only a true slinger may survive the stretch of law and friendship. Junjie seems to be one of the main characters in the story.

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  • Flitter2

    Hey this is part 2 of made up megamorphs

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  • Maurice.136

    SlugTerra Season Three

    September 10, 2015 by Maurice.136

    Well I am so pumped to see Season Three but what do you think will happen next.

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  • UnfairGh0stly

    Okay i shall say that i am 16 year old,

    I love video games, anime, and of course writing.

    Now there's two sides to me.

    My good side:

    Loves to talk with others.

    Respects others people and rules

    Giving friendly advice.

    Rping (if thats possible)

    I am also on Fanfiction: PLAINAWESOME, and on xbox one live: UnFAIRGh0stly.

    Also other nice things:

    My bad side:

    Well due to the fact that i dont know who will be seeing this. I will make this short.

    I am cruel, unforgiving, a nightmare, pure evil, and above all blood thristy. I dont like to let my prey get away.But heres the bright side.

    It hard for me to hate people, but here are things that piss me off.

    People who are too...just stupid or use to many stupid things. Example: People who say YOLO too much, the mlg …

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  • Jonahboo12

    New Slug

    August 15, 2015 by Jonahboo12

    I found this pic and wanted to know if you knew what this slug was. Plz, let me know what you think

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  • Kryształek

    Slug Variations

    August 9, 2015 by Kryształek

    Hey hey heeey there. Kryształek, or in English, Crystalyd here. I'm writing even though no one's going to read or view this thing. Yeah. Anyways, I've been drawing slugs' variations. See below. Because if Boon Doc can have one, so can others. Also, sorry that most of drawings are in black and white.

    hear them.

    P.P.S. Also, sorry for every grammar/orthographic mistakes I've made. English is not my native language.

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  • Shane141

    Eastern Caverns

    July 27, 2015 by Shane141

    Slugterra Eastern Caverns is coming out in theatres Aug 15-16 2015. Probably going to come out on DVD or perform on TV a month later.

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  • Gortor12x

    yep my title said it all

    -grotorx12 Read more >