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Blakk Industries company logo

Blakk Industries,
Bringing You Tomorrow's Yesterday Today
―Blakk Industries' slogan

Blakk Industries is the main antagonistic faction of Slugterra. It is a rich and powerful company, that was founded and owned by Dr. Blakk, and produces various products, such as transportation (example: SlugTerran Express) and Ghoul Slugs.

This company has made Dr. Blakk a rich and powerful man, even though the business is only a cover for his attempts to destroy the magical Slug Energy that protects SlugTerra. He also uses his company to Ghoul Slugs and mechas

It also appears that Blakk Industries has access to a large variety of materials ranging from Lumino Ore to Mecha Beast material. Blakk Industries has also developed hovering technology.


The name of the cavern is Slag Rock Cavern, but Blakk Industries seems to own an entire cavern to use as an HQ. The facility itself functions as a research lab, Dr. Blakk's home, and a storage area for Dark Water. Blakk Industries also has numerous of outposts or Ghoul Depots across SlugTerra.


Other Properties


  • Blakk Industries has created powerful machines, an example is the Blakk Steel train that could move at high speeds and even fly.
  • One of Dr. Blakk's laboratories is the same that appeared in Deadweed, it has the picture of a miner.
  • Dr. Blakk has his logo based on the name of Viggo Dare