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Beatrice Sting, more commonly known as Trixie, is no slouch on the Slugslinging field. Her blaster packs a mean Slug punch! She is a member of the Shane Gang, along with Eli Shane, Kord Zane and Pronto. Trixie's shots are always a bulls eye, but when it comes to dueling she can also spot details to help come up with a smart strategy for the team.



Trixie is generally a kind and thoughtful individual. Although she likes to keep an eye out for unusual Slugs, she always has her head in the game and can often spot an exit or a come up with a new tactic when the team is caught up in the fight.

She has a strong sense of justice, as Trixie says that she would try to keep the peace. This was largely in part due to the disappearance of Will Shane, after which slingers came and terrorized her home cavern. Trixie decided to spread the news of what was happening in Slugterra, both good and bad, and she faithfully helps Eli gain acknowledgment as the new Shane. She makes Slugisodes using her trusty camera to teach people about Slugs and how to care for them, as well as how to duel. Her dream is to make a documentary film about Slugs and their little society they have together.

Trixie is extremely loyal to the Shane Gang and will help all of them while needed, especially the leader, Eli Shane. Although he is keeping secrets from them, Trixie always manages to convince him to tell them their secrets as they are "family". She has a strong bond with her slugs and cares about them. She treats the Shane Gang as her family as well and thinks of all the other members as her siblings or such.

Trixie is also seen to be slightly short-tempered, especially with Pronto. She also has a reckless attitude similar to Eli, but on a much smaller scale. Not much known is about her past, but she seemingly lived with parent(s). She tends to think more realistically than the gang and states that she doesn't believe in myths and legends unless she sees it. She also likes to annoy Pronto, such as poking him.


As a young teenage girl, she has a skinny, slender build and is slightly shorter than your average person. She is seen to be fit and athletic, and much stronger than she appears. Trixie has fire-red hair that's tied up in two pigtails and long bangs that cover the right side of her face, as well as grassy green eyes.

Trixie wears a short green shirt on top of a black undershirt as well as lightly armored shoulder pads. She can attach her Blaster to her belt when not in combat, as well as keeping her jars there so she could use her Slugs in battle. There is the Shane Gang Emblem on her belt as well. She wears light grey skin tight pants, and a black band around her thigh on her left leg, along with light black knee pads. She wears dark blue boots as well as dark grey biker-like gloves.

In "King of Sling", Trixie is seen to be wearing a hat and a new outfit in order to disguise herself to help the King of Sling.

History and Show

Early Life

There is not much known about Trixie's past, other than the fact that she had lived on her own home cavern with her parents. Apparently, her home was terrorized by slingers with bad intentions which caused her to try to be her home cavern hero. She apparently became a slinger at one point in her life and left her home cavern to start an adventure of her own.

Meeting the New Shane

Trixie first appears when she helps Eli defeat a goon harassing a passer-by, unaware that he was the new Shane. She meets Eli again who accidentally stumbles into her shot. They became friends, although Trixie dismisses him as "no competition" and refuses to train with him, although she helps him spar against Kord and gives him a vital piece of information that helps him defeat Shockwave.

Eli gains Trixie's respect and she become steadfast friends with Eli, Pronto, and Kord. She defeats her part of the qualifiers and defeats the King of Sling. Most of her battles were off-screen, but like Eli she had a winning streak until one point in the tournament where she lost and was eliminated. Trixie accompanied Eli when Dr. Blakk attempted to recruit him and was shocked at what happened with a Ghoul Slug. She watched and encouraged Eli in the finals and was appalled when his opponent, John Bull, used a ghoul slug to knock down Eli.

After the tournament, she comforts Eli as he reminisces about Slugslinging with his father. Together, she joins up with Eli, Pronto, and Kord to form the official Shane Gang to combat Dr. Blakk. A cry for help stems their first mission together.

Skills and Abilities

Trixie is an extremely smart slinger, who is able to exploit weaknesses in other slingers by simply watching them for a long time. Although not as powerful as Eli, her cool-headed personality can help her take out enemies Eli couldn't beat. She is shown several times to be more level-headed than the other members of the Shane Gang, often spotting things that are bluntly obvious that the other members of the Gang aren't able to recognize. She has shown to have several leadership qualities and is able to strategize plans of attack or defense when Eli is absent, acting as a temporary leader until he returns.

As shown on screen, Trixie seemed to have learned to fight in hand-to-hand combat. She is able to take out Blakk's goons with no problem and seems to be slightly faster than the other members of the Shane Gang. Trixie is flexible and has above than average reflexes. Although appearing as a small teen girl, she can overpower a full-grown adult without too much effort. Despite her lack of strength, she is shown to be quick and to-the-point with her attacks, making up with her speed and small size. She is also seen being able to carry and shoot Kord's blaster even though it was much bigger and heavier than an average blaster, although falling down after shooting a slug.


  • With Eli being the leader, Kord being the engineer and Pronto being the tracker, Trixie is rolled as the Substitute Leader.
  • Although none of her parents are seen, Trixie mentions her mother when talking about the Surface in the episode, A Distant Shore.
  • Her favourite Slugs are BlusterArachnet, and Polero.
  • The Renegade Ultra QLC is her favorite Blaster and only known Blaster, although in Club Slug, she mentioned wanting to get a new blaster.
  • BOOM-R is her favorite Mecha-Beast, nicknamed Boomer.
  • While fans like to interpret Trixie and Eli having a special relationship, there is little evidence in the show to back this up. The only evidence are in The Return and Light as Day where she hugs Eli, relieved to see him alright.
  • Trixie appears more in the Slugisodes than any other member of the Shane Gang.
  • She has hugged Eli two times, once in The Return and another in Light as Day.
  • Trixie gets very angry when she loses her camera, or when someone steals it.
  • As seen in A Distant Shore, Trixie is very good at video games.
  • In Slugterra: Slug It Out! Trapsie's clothes are similar to Trixie's disguise from the The New Kid Part 2.
  • Trixie's promo art shows her with a Boon Doc in her blaster.
  • Her favourite food is something called "Undercorn Fritters".


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