Battle for SlugTerra is a SlugTerra computer-platform game in which players collect Slugs and battle enemies.

Game Information

Young slugslinger Eli Shane must traverse the caverns of Slugterra collecting powerful slugs, solving puzzles and battling a horde of nefarious enemies along the way - including the evil Dr. Blakk!



  • Infurnus (Damage; medium/high*): level 1-01
  • Rammstone (Damage; high+push): level 1-04
  • Bubbleone (Damage; traps+removes armor): level 1-07
  • Tazerling (Damage; high+power generater): level 1-10
  • Vinedrill (Damage; poison+builds bridges): level 2-05
  • Frostcrawler (Damage; low/high*+freeze): level 2-10
  • Grenuke (Damage; high+timed explosion): level 3-05
  • Dirt Urchin (Damage; low+maximum rate of fire): level 3-10
  • Enigmo (Damage; reveals invisible objects): level 4-02
  • Negashade (Damage; high+manuverablity): level 4-05
  • Hypnogrif (Damage; control enemy): level 4-07
  • Phosphoro (Damage; medium+enemy seeking lights): level 4-10

*Damage radius for slugs can be enhanced for one level (50 for Frostcrawler powerup, 75 for Infurnus and Tazerling powerup)

Enemy exclusive slugs

  • Flatulorhinkus (Damage; medium) used by Shadow Clan and Turretshroom.
  • Lavalynx (Damage; medium) used by Lava Crawlers and Fire Demons.
  • Pyringo (Damage; medium) used by Shadow Clan and Slugslingers.
  • Hop Jack (Damage; high) used by Slugslingers.



  • Spikes
  • Rammstone Blocks
  • Boulders
  • Power Generator
  • Vine bridge
  • Falling Platforms
  • Stalactites
  • Lava
  • Fire Balls
  • Lava Plumes
  • Dark Water
  • Stone Blocks
  • Large Boulders
  • Rock Creatures


  • The Hypnogrif and Negashade were released in the game before their official release on the website.
  • The Enigmo doesn't do anything to enemies other than reveal invisible ones.
  • The Bubbaleone's ability to trap enemies wasn't added until the Slug level update months after its original release. This update also added the Vinedrill poison and the Frostcrawler's ability to completely freezing enemies.
  • Running while firing will increase the rate of fire (except for Enigmo, Grenuke, Hypnogrif, Bubbleone, and Negashade)
  • Spitfire frogs were supposed to be released in Dark Spores, but didn't make an appearance until Scorched Sparks.
  • The Grenuke Slug wasn't call Sparky, It was called Banger. It was corrected later.


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