Bandoleer of Brothers is the thirty-seventh episode ofΒ Slugterra.


Eli's got a new slug recruit! But in the heat of battle, can this rookie go from frightened novice to the hero of the day?


The Shane Gang answer to a distress call in a far away cavern. There they destroy a bunker on a beach, and get to a town with a gang of slingers. Once there they meet up with remaining slingers and gain Rookie in the process. After planning an attack plan, the gang heads out to take down a barrier. Here Rookie tries out his abilities, initially failing due to him having never transformed before.

Eventually the barrier is captured and the gang decides to sneak to the fortress from a different point. During this time, Burpy tries to cheer Rookie up, when rookie accidentally detonates one of his grenades. This alerts a patrol and a short battle was started. Afterwards, the gang attack the fortress, sighting that it was guarded by a Darkbane.

During the attack on the outer wall, Burpy is captured, giving Rookie the courage he needed, and the wall is brought down. While the gang fights the bane, Rookie manages to free Burpy, however the Bane escapes and the gang retake the cavern. The celebration is cut short though, when dozens of distress calls come in, revealing that Blakk is invading all the caverns.




  • In the official episode promo, it is entitled "Band of Sluggers".




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