Slug Aura(different slugs have different auras)

Slug Auras are the key to performing a successful Fusion Shot. If two Slugs' auras are compatible, they will be able to perform a Fusion Shot.  If the auras are not compatible, then disastrous things can happen, such as shorting out all the Slug Energy within the area of the attempted Fusion Shot.

Allowing oneself to be hit by an Enigmo will allow a person to see a Slug's aura, at the expense of regular vision until the individual is hit with the Enigmo again, reversing the effects.  This is first seen in "Endangered Species", although Eli does not realise granting the ability to see auras is Mo's true power until the Shadow Clan tell him about it in "The Return".

It is possible to see or otherwise sense auras without the aid of the Enigmo Slug, though it is a rare gift.  Shanai is able to perform successful Fusion Shots without the aid of one and the Shadow Clan leader implies that at least some Clan members can see auras as well, saying that it is a skill that cannot be taught.

When visible, unmatched auras will try to push away from each other, like magnets of the same polarity, while compatible auras turn white.


Aligned Auras



What happens when slugs auras match


Auras Not Aligned


what happens when a slugs auras don't match

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