Asaph Fipke is a Canadian producer, executive producer, founder and former CEO of Nerd Corps Entertainment until it was bought by DHX Media and creator of the SlugTerra television series.


Asaph “Ace” Fipke, Chief Content Officer, brings to DHX Studios a rare blend of expertise in the creation, development, production and business of animated television and feature-length animation productions. Prior to joining DHX, Fipke was CEO of Nerd Corps Entertainment, which DHX acquired in 2014. Fipke co-founded Nerd Corps in 2002 and grew the company from a 20-person operation to one of North America’s largest animation studios, at more than 420 employees, producing award-winning content for broadcast in more than 150 territories. Fipke created and executive produced numerous series with Nerd Corps, including the Emmy-winning sci-fi action/comedy Slugterra, the Gemini Award-nominated Storm Hawks, the preschool series Kate & Mim-Mim, the comedy/adventure series Rated A for Awesome, and the comedy series Endangered Species and League of Super Evil. Fipke also oversaw and executive produced a number of third-party series with Nerd Corps, including Mattel’s Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5, Monster High and Max Steel.

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