'Upgrade' of 'Blasters'

Accelerators are gadgets created by Red Hook to sling Slugs at 200 miles per hour.

How it Works

Accelerators amps the power of the Slug Energy fed into the fusion core by the Slug loaded into the ammo feed, boosting the force with which the blaster can expel the Slug. Using an Accelerator, a blaster can fire a slug at least twice as fast as it can without the modification. If the Accelerator is not properly installed, however, there may be signifigant damage to the blaster and the slinger holding it, to say nothing of the Slug currently loaded into the blaster.

The Accelerator is the easiest way to change a Slugs velocimorph to its Megamorph state, removing the need to use Mecha Beast mods to boost a Slinger and their Slugs up to 100mph before a Slug can be fired with enough velocity to otherwise Mega Morph.


  • It remains to be seen if the addition of an Accelerator upgrades blasters to be able to handle the strain of Megamorph Slugs or if the blaster itself must be further modified to prevent damage from the Slug Energy damaging fusion cores not designed to handle such experienced Slugs.
  • Another form of megamorphed slugs would be Guardian Slugs, as both states require slugs to have certain levels of "experience" before they can change and the fact that a Guardian Slug (Doc) is seen being able to handle accelerators.


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